Those who have left the deepest impression on this sin-cursed earth have been men and women of prayer.  You will find that Prayer has been the mighty power that has moved not only God, but man.

Abraham was a man of prayer, and angels came down from heaven to converse with him.

Jacob’s prayer was answered in the wonderful interview at Peniel, that resulted in his having such a mighty blessing, and in softening the heart of his brother Esau.

The child, Samuel was given in answer to Hannah’s prayer.

Elijah’s prayer closed up the heavens for three years and six months, and he prayed again and the heavens gave rain.

The Apostle James tells us that the prophet Elijah was a man “subject to ike passions as we are.”

I am thankful that those men and women who were so mighty in prayer were just like ourselves.  We are apt to think that those prophets and mighty men and women of old time were different from what we are.  To be sure they lived in a much darker age, but they were of like passions with ourselves.

We read that on another occasion Elijah brought down fire on Mount Carmel.  The prophets of Baal cried long and loud, but no answer came.  The God of Elijah heard and answered his prayer.  Let us remember that the God of Elijah still lives.  The prophet was translated and went up to heaven, but his God still lives, and we have the same access to Him that Elijah had.  We have the same warrant to go to God and ask the fire from heaven to come down and consume our lusts and passions–to burn up our dross, and let Christ shine through us.

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